I’m blessed with so much more than I deserve, especially with the people beside me. Even through the last trainwreck of a year, I still turn around or look beside me and see way more people beside me than I deserve. These people endure absolute hell right along with me, even more so than myself in the sense that they have to also put up with me during all the craziness. They all somehow know when to love me, when to threaten to kick my ass, when to be soft, and when to be hard. This post is dedicated to them. The real winners in this story of my hot mess express life. The reason I am who am I and the ones who are to thank for the best parts of me and ultimately, the reason I’m here today.

Thank you, for being there when I hit rock bottom. That expression is scary enough; rock bottom. Those moments when all the light fades from my world and I lose every ounce of faith, positivity and strength I have. The moment I’m at my absolute weakest, the moment I question how I’ll ever survive, how I’ll find the strength to make it another second. You take my hand, remind me that my track record for surviving bad days is 100% and remind me of every single great thing in life, and restore my faith. You dry the tears, calm the anxiety and remind me that it is okay to feel the way I’m feeling; but that tomorrow is a new day, and it must be seized. Thankfully these rock bottom moments are rare, but the love I experience during these moments is breathtaking and the reason these moments are so rare.

Thank you, for being blunt, harsh and matter of factly, when I’m wearing denial as a crown.  Now these moments, are much more common. They are how I would absolutely live every second of my life if I didn’t have the amazing people I have in my life, who aren’t afraid to tell me that I’m being ridiculous and need to grow up and get it together. This actually might be the hardest part of it all. Being the bad cop. Thank you, for risking being mean to make me wake up and realize I’m jeopardizing my own future and life. For not being afraid to piss me off by not sugar coating everything and for being strong enough to stand up to me and my crown of denial and tell me that I’m running from everything instead of being brave and handling things like an adult.

Thank you for loving me at my absolute worst. Thank you for being there for the midnight phone calls after a horrible day at work, when I’m in tears and not even able to speak through the sobs, Thank you for always being down for tequila, wine, carbs or whatever the chosen poison maybe that day after that stupid boy broke my heart…again, for the 47th time. Thank you for always being willing to  fall victim to the meltdowns, the tantrums, the bathroom ugly face cry, and the psychotic laughing anger phase that even scares myself.

Thank you for reminding me who I am at my best. Thank you for reminding me that I’m so much more than that bad day. That I’m more than my mistakes and shortcomings. That I have so much to offer the world. That I matter. That my sarcasm and potty mouth aren’t the only things I bring to the table. Thank you for having faith in me on the days I even lose faith in myself. Thank you for never allowing me to quit. (Except for smoking when drinking, snookie bumps and total face bronzer. yeah Thank you for that X 1365723687) Thank you for defining me by my good moments, and not my bad ones.

Thank you for inspiring me, and making me into a better person. Thank you for leading by example, showing me what strength, grace, intelligence and success look like. You make me want to be a better person, and for that I will always adore you.

And finally thank you for walking this journey with me. From the  highschool teenage years, to college and all those disastrous relationships, to nursing school and all the hellacious moments that came with that, to my first year as a nurse and all the highs and lows that that included, to being there when my world was turned upside down by a diagnosis, being there for the heartbreak that everyone saw coming and warned me about for years and years. No matter where in that insane run-on sentence you entered my life, you have left a imprint on me, you’ve made me into the person I am today. Thank you for being by my side. Thank you for loving me. 

– Laura❤️